Vthat0 NP Verb (that) Clause "V that" An Agent relates to a Fact in a way specified by the verb.
Vthat18 NP Verb that Clause Communication_response "V that" A Speaker utters a Message in response to something that has been said earlier.
Vnn1-9 NP Verb NP NP Predict possession "V n n" An Agent does something that involves predicting that a Recipient will have the Theme at a future point in time. I just wish him the best.
Vnn1-10 NP Verb NP NP React to possession "V n n" An Agent reacts to a Stimulus which is a possession or property of a Possessor. I envy these people their holiday bonhomie.
Vthat2 NP Verb (that) Clause Mental_activity "V that" A Sentient_entity has some activity of the mind operating on a particular Content.
Vthat21 NP Verb (that) Clause Awareness "V that" A Cognizer has a certain Content in his or her model of the world.
Vthat22 NP Verb (that) Clause Coming_to_believe "V that" A Cognizer comes to believe some Content, typically after a process of reasoning.
Vthat23 NP Verb (that) Clause Cogitation "V that" A Cognizer thinks about a Topic for a certain period of time.
Vthat3 NP Verb that Clause Perception "V that" A Perceiver is aware of a Phenomenon through his or her senses.
Vthat4 NP Verb (that) Clause Becoming_aware "V that" A Perceiver becomes aware of some Phenomenon.
Vthat5 NP Verb (that) Clause Emotions "V that" An Experiencer feels a particular emotion with respect to some Content.
Vthat6 NP Verb (that) Clause Evidence "V that" Some Support lends validity to a Proposition.
Vthat7 NP Verb (that) Clause Causation "V that" A Cause is responsible for the occurrence of an Effect.